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Close ups of glamourkills black guy premium denim. Not the one I ordered and it doesn’t fit me but hey, still good for close ups picture! I’m amazed by the quality to be honest. You can shop then at http://www.glamourkills.com. If you’re a European customer (just like meeeeh), you can go on http://www.glamourkills.co.uk
More close ups of glamourkills clothes to come so stay tuned!

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Luke Hemmings: Hooked on GK Tee (Glamour Kills)


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Calum Hood at the VMAs 24-08-14

Top: (All from Glamour Kills) 26$ 55$ 55$

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Head over to www.theglamourkillstour.com and join our mailing list for a chance to win 2 tickets to your local your date!

-5 winners chosen

-ends Oct 1.

-winners notified via email Oct 2.

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Hi lovelies. I’m going to meet Alex in a few weeks and I’m making a scrapbook to give to him. If you guys want to write letters to Alex or any of the other All Time Low boys please message me and I will add them to the book. Spread the word.


transparent bands

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#WinTUKGK loveeeee glamour kills it’s my favorite. 💕 @glamourkills @tuk_footwear #gk #glamourkills #contest

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watery grave shirt by glamour kills // £34.99

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@summerraewwe: Special delivery with all my @glamourkills stuff!! So pumped! 😜✌️👯 #GlamourKills #gk

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dear cas